Asociaciones constituyen una asamblea para defender derechos de inmigrantes

Una decena de asociaciones ha constituido hoy la Asamblea Permanente en Defensa Derechos Humanos, Civiles y Sociales como un mecanismo en favor de la población inmigrante, con con el que dar una respuesta reivindicativa a las medidas contrarias a los intereses de este grupo.

Según ha explicado hoy a Efe un portavoz de la asamblea, esta iniciativa bebe de los principios de la Red Estatal por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes REDI, que reivindica, entre otras medidas, un nuevo proceso de regularización de extranjeros, una amnistía para aquellos con órdenes de expulsión y el fin de la represión policial.

Al igual que la red estatal, que está integrada por unas 150 asociaciones procedentes de toda España, la asamblea servirá además para hacer llegar a los inmigrantes las preocupaciones de las asociaciones cívicas, pero con un ámbito de actuación preferente en la comunidad de Madrid.

Según estas organizaciones, más de un millón de extranjeros que viven y trabajan en España en una situación de zozobra y dificultad permanente, que se agudiza a diario porque autoridades y legisladores manifiestan la intención de anteponer las consideraciones de tipo legal y administrativo a las humanas.

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6 comentarios en “Asociaciones constituyen una asamblea para defender derechos de inmigrantes
  1. Ricardo Garza Gutierrez dice:

    To whom it may concern,
    Here is my case please review, and let me What I can do about it.
    TOPIC: Ricardo Garza Texas Case Foundation txus 09-18-07

    Subject: Ricardo Garza Texas Case Foundation txus filed 11-20-92
    Vernon, Texas
    Ricardo Garza Gutierrez
    dob 10-12-60
    ssn 647-25-1634
    txdl 13636330

    Summary: To whom it may concern, Topic Ricardo Garza
    Texas case
    A foundation for human, civil, immigration, and discrimination
    Topic Level 1: Ricardo Garza Texas case
    Topic Level 2: Garza versus State of Texas, County of
    Hidalgo, MC Allen city of txus

    Category Level 1: General Public
    Date Created: 09/26/2007 06:42 PM
    Last Updated: 04/15/2008 06:42 PM
    Status: New

    To whom it may concern,
    Topic Ricardo Garza Texas case foundation
    next year I am planning to attend ut pan americam university in
    Texas to finish my career in international business, and
    criminal justice,
    also to start writing my book about my Texas case
    I have lived in the u.s.a state of texas rio grande valley area
    from 1975
    to 1992, in 1993 I requested a deferred judification on my case
    to the u.s
    departemnt of justice, and they granted me a immigration permit
    card, and
    employment authorization too because my social security number
    is still in
    the u.s goverment system, and I lived in Mission, Texas from
    1994 to 2006.
    now the permit expired, and I am requesting to the state
    department to re
    opened my case I still have the orignal medical records from
    vernon state
    hospital filed material 11-20-92.
    I think the u.s.a is a great country, but still there is a lot
    discrimination, and violation to human, and civil rights.
    my Texas case at vernon state hospital it is a good example of this issue

    Name : Ricardo Garza Gutierrez
    Address 1: Uruguay 700 Colonia anzalduaz
    Address 2:
    City: Reynosa, Tamaulipas Mexico
    State: Tamaulipas
    Zip code: 88630
    Mexican phone 011-52-899-1852104
    U.S phone 956-961-8885 cellular phone in the continental u.s.a

    Here is my case for your review and cosideration I need to get e
    mail address of civil liberties unions, or any other federal o state
    agency who can help me out with my Texas case. also I am requesting
    monetery donations to hire a civil
    trial attorney to work on my case, to pay for my university tuiton, also to pay
    for the publication of my book about my Texas case to be sold next year early
    summer 2009
    please let me know if you of if you know of any other
    organization of
    human and civil
    rights in the continental u.s.a or around the world who can also
    send me monetery donations to my Ricardo Garza Texas case
    foundation I
    will really appreciated very much.
    you know at the end of the case the Texas court appointed
    attorney Susan Marie Miller told me no I am not going to take to court because it
    too much work for me she close the case and make me responsible
    of the case I never plea guilty because I was fighting my case,
    and never have a trial on my case .
    This is my case filed matrerial 11-20-92 at vernon state
    hospital Vernon, Texas U.S.A
    It is a federal and state civil lawsuit against the state of
    Texas, county of Hidalgo, Mc Allen city of
    for false arrest, discrimination, false psychiatry diagnosis
    and 36 more civil allegations
    I am asking for monetary donations because I need to hire an
    attorney for civil rights in the state of Texas you can send
    check or post money order
    payable to address Ricardo Garza Gutierrez
    Uruguay 700
    Colonia Anzalduaz
    Reynosa, Tamaulipas 88630
    monetary donations will be sent via post money orders I will
    really appreciated very much
    Greetings from the best U.S Mexico border destination in the Rio Grande Valley area, and North East Mexico
    Reynosa, MCAllen, Texas U.S.A

    To whom it may concern;
    I am reporting my case to you because on
    11-20-92 I had this case in the state of Texas Rio Grande
    Valley area, and I never had a trial on my case in fact at
    Hidalgo county level I wasted 15 months in the Texas judicial system
    they close my case and make me responsible of the case I was a plot
    because the State district judge Mario E. Ramirez 332nd court at Hidalgo
    county, and my Texas court appointed attorney convienced the Hidalgo county
    court appointed psychiatry to declare me mentally incompatente to stand at a
    trial, and at the state hospital the old Vernon State Hospital the pshichologist, and
    psychiatics disagreed with the Hidalgo county diagnosis that is why at Hidalgo county
    close my case and make me responsable of the case
    I am still very upset about this case because I never have a
    trial on my case, and I have lived
    in the U.S.A since 1975 then in the summer of 1986 I also
    participated in the u.s i.n.s federal
    ammesty law in Harlingen, Texas U.S.A, and all my u.s
    immigration documents were lost, and I
    need to get them back or get a duplicate of the original
    documents, my medical records are
    at vernon state hospital, vernon texas filed material 10-22-92
    Can you imagine I was admited
    at that hospital on that date and according to the state
    district judge I have to stay there for
    two years in other words it was supposted to be until 10-22-94
    the psychologist, and psychiatric
    disagreed with the psychiatry evaluation at hidalgo county
    level, and I was release in a month
    and at the original hospital records reads he is not mentally
    ill, no psychiatrict diagnosis, normal male. Richard is ready to have a trial,
    and out of the blue at the Hidalgo County Court House close my
    case and they not even give me
    the opportunity to have a fair trial on my case which is a
    federal constitutional right we all have
    under federal law in other words I spent 15 months behind bar,
    and I just was another victim
    of the Texas Judicial System please let me know what I can do
    about it because I need to clear
    my name in the system. even the doctors there at the hospital
    said this case is unconstitutional,
    also they told me your human, and civil rights has been
    violated that is why I need to have an
    answer on my case, and would like to re opened my case too.

    For me it was very hard experience to be in a mental health hospital
    because in this hospital you see a lot of sad cases, and I was
    a normal male not mentally ill, in fact the short time I was
    there they never give
    any medication for mental illnes, and the doctors staff they
    made a lot of questions why I was sent
    there they told me you pass all the mentally competente exams
    with good grades. I have been appealing my Texas case to the
    Texas Supreme
    Court since 1992
    Under Former Democrat Texas attorney general Dan Morales Richards
    he also failed to work on my case he only sent me letters
    telling me that
    he was very sorry about the case.

    to whom it may concern,
    my name is Ricardo Garza Gutiierrez I am
    sending this e mail to you because
    on november 20, 1992 I had this case due to a false arrest,
    and at county level false psychiatry
    diagnosis and 36 more allegations in this case now I need the
    e mail address of the U.S, and Texas Supreme
    Court of texas, Texas Attorney General, and Vernon State
    Hospital or in Austin Texas. Texas Mental Health And Mental
    Retardation main office there because I never have a trial on
    my case, and
    I wasted 15 months of my life in the Texas Judicial System the case is a
    Federal and State Civil Lawsuit against
    the state of Texas, county of Hidalgo, and Mc Allen city of,
    I got an e mail from the U.S Department
    Of Justice Civil Rights Division from Washington, D.C, and they told me that the
    case can be reopened eventhough
    the statute of time and limitations expires 11-20-94 I deserve
    to have justice in my case
    also I need to clear my name.
    thank you
    for your time and understanding in this matter
    sincerelly yours
    Garza Gutierrez
    God bless America let freedom ring, and to next president of the U.S.A Mrs Clinton
    I just wish her the best of luck in the future, I think she will make a great president in the U.S.A

  2. soy inmigrantes bibes valencia quero qeu inf para los inmigrantes

  3. James Edward Carter dice:

    Ricardo we the united states citizen are very proud of you your really change the Texas Judicial System.
    Because in the state of texas there is a lot of corruptuin, fraud, and abuse of power congratutations
    God Bless you, and your family too
    Sincerelly yous
    James Edward Carter
    Atlanta Georgia u.s.a

  4. hola soy papa vivo cullera valencia quiero sabe a los inmigrante que tien aci tres años tamien

  5. alejandro dice:

    No se si han visto la publicidad de la cerveza bud que despliegan en el estadio una imagen de la cerveza ….bueno que tal si todos se mueven para en un partido de estados unidos hacer un anuncio para la reforma migratoria?

  6. Lucy Pekys dice:

    HOLA AMIGOS.Quisiera saber si hay una persona que me ayude o que esplique que debo de hacer cuando una persona esta detenida en un centro de inmigrantes,
    El caso es que mi Sobrino desesperado porque tenia a su Madre con un Cancer en sus mamas, decidio irse a EEUU con un prestamo , Pero al llegar a Mc allen Texas fue detenido y a ls dos dias llama a su Mama a decirle que esta preso y muy golpeado.vivimos en New York y keremos ayudarlo no sabemos nada porque no tenemos informacion adonde llamarlo..Porfa Ayudenos queremos saber si hay posibilidad de pagar una fianza que le permita estar por algunos meses y asi poder llevarle algo pa la medicinas de su Madre. Le agradezco de antemano si alguien me da alguina informacion..gracias

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