Spanish Nationality Test

Spanish Nationality Test. Figure out your degree of integration as well as your knowledge of Spanish history, society, politics and customs.

Now you can easily access our Spanish Nationality Test and figure out just how much you know regarding fundamental aspects about Spanish history, society and customs on the spot.

Spanish Nationality TestSince October 15th 2015 the CCSE exam administered by the Cervantes Institute has been made mandatory for all those applying for Spanish nationality due to residency. The CCSE exam stands for los conocimientos constitucionales y socioculturales de España (constitutional knowledge and socio-cultural exam). The exam consists of 25 questions.  You must get at least 15 correct to pass.

Our practice exams are made up of 300 official test questions. You can do practice tests of 25 questions online before having to take the real thing.

Don´t wait any longer! Practice our sample tests for free today by clicking here, scrolling down to the bottom, and clicking on the big ENTER button in the middle of the page.


Translated by: Katherine Pascal

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