Spanish nationality for Sephardic Jews

The Government will amend the Civil Code to Sephardic Jews to obtain citizenship more easily

On Friday, February 7, 2014 the Council of Ministers of Mariano Rajoy approved the proposal of the Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, a bill amending Article 23 of the Spanish Civil Code is amended to streamline the procedure for granting Sephardic nationality to citizens who wish , by naturalization .

At present there are two ways for Sephardim to obtain Spanish citizenship : first , proving to be Sephardic and proving their legal residence in Spain for at least two years. Secondly , they can obtain Spanish citizenship by naturalization after the discretionary decision of the Board of Ministers in the exceptional circumstances of his relationship with Spain are valued up to the discretion of the respective governments .

Through this bill, are determined what those exceptional circumstances of itself in those foreign nationals Sephardic proving that condition and its special link with our country are , even if they have a residence permit in Spain , whatever their ideology, religion or beliefs.

The condition of Sephardic and special relationship with Spain shall be certified by the civil registrar of the address of the interested either in Spain or in the appropriate consulate , and interested parties must provide all the necessary documentation for processing the case and everything that consider torque required to prove their special relationship with the Spanish culture and customs. For these purposes, they may submit the following documents:

– A certificate issued by the secretary general of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain proving membership of the Sephardic Jewish community.

– A certificate from the competent rabbinic authority .

– Will also be valid accreditation surnames , family language or any other indicator showing membership in the Sephardic Jewish community.

– The inclusion of the applicant or their direct descendants of persons included in the list of protected Sephardic families in Spain, or the link or relationship with one of these individuals or families .

Similarly, the Directorate General of Registries and Notaries may request reports to corroborate the accuracy of the provided conditions.

To apply for citizenship , you must initiate proceedings requested no later than two years after the entry into force of the law, although this period may be extended for another year if the government so decides .

In addition , a standardized application form from the Ministry of Justice , for its written submission , the face ratification with the municipal manager or consular Civil Register is set to be necessary .

With this modification, the Sephardic Jews may apply for Spanish nationality without residence in Spain and also not lose their nationality of origin, thus being able to obtain dual citizenship.

In addition , this bill includes a transitional provision that provides for the possibility of the Sephardim who have already applied for Spanish citizenship prior to the entry into force of this amendment and not have it granted , they can continue with the procedure in this way provided upon request expressly and in writing , providing the necessary documentation.

However, this is not yet applicable new regulations. Still have to wait for the publication of this law in the Official State Gazette ( BOE) .

This modification of the Spanish laws for obtaining Spanish nationality by Sephardic Jews is due , as set out in the Explanatory Memorandum to the Bill , to historical reasons and the » special relationship » of the Sephardic community with Spain .

Throughout history it has even been studied repeatedly the possibility of granting citizenship to the Sephardic Spanish . Even in 1924 he approved a Royal Decree intended to grant citizenship to the «old Spanish protected or their descendants , and generally individuals belonging to families of Spanish origin who once had been entered in Spanish records these Hispanic elements, rooted feelings of love for Spain , for ignorance of the law and other causes beyond its control to be Spanish , they have not managed to get our nationality. » Thanks to this Royal Decree many Sephardic Jews saved their lives during World War II , for the protection and humanitarian support they provided numerous diplomats.

The Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz- Gallardón , said that in this way the Spanish society culminates repair «of what certainly had been one of the most important historical errors » in reference to the Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492 and are now scattered throughout the world.

A list with hundreds of names which demonstrate Sephardic origin has already launched many Israelis looking for documentation for the Spanish nationality , and on Friday the main local media report Israel and give legal advice to primary stakeholders.

See the Bill of full citizenship for Sephardic

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