Residence Permit Termination Due to the Amount of Time Spent Outside of Spain

Can my residency permit be terminated if I spend too much time outside of Spain?

Many of our clients frequently ask us how much time they can spend outside of the country without running the risk of having their residency permit terminated. Surely you have wondered the same thing at some point during your stay.

In this entry we will better explain the time frames so that you can avoid running into this issue.

Residence Permit TerminationFor Non-EU Residents:

If you are a non-EU resident of Spain with a temporary residence permit, it will be terminated if you are outside of the county for more than six months in a period of one year.

This does not apply to foreigners who have a residence and work permit linked to an employment relationship with non- government organizations, foundations or associations that are included in the corresponding general registry and officially recognized as cooperation organizations of public interest that carry out research projects, development cooperation or humanitarian aid overseas.

If you have a long-term residence permit (larga duración), it will be terminated if you are out of the European Union for more than 12 months.

For EU Residents:

(Royal Decree on entry, freedom of movement and residence in Spain of citizens from EU Member States and States party to the Agreement of the European Economic Area).

If you have a temporary permit (the first one valid for five years) you cannot be outside of Spain for more than 6 months in a period of one year.

Interruptions in residence of less than two years will not affect the validity of the long-term residence permit (10 years).


Translated by: Katherine Pascal

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