Residence Card Application for an EU Citizen Family Member

EX 19 Application form for residence card for family members of EU citizen or a citizen of the European Union

Relatives of Spanish citizen or another Member State of the European Union or another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland who are not nationals of one of the States, when they meet with him or accompany him , and go to live in Spain for more than three months, they must apply for and obtain a family card of the Union citizen.

To facilitate the process to all English-speaking citizens, the Secretary General of Immigration and Emigration has released EX19 form in English to serve as a guide when filling out the form in Spanish.

formulario ex 19

If you are a British citizen and want to have a «guide» to complete the form EX 19 and make the whole process successful you can download the form EX 19 in English

If you want to know all the requirements and all documents can use this link below:

Community Card

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