Rejection of Student Residence Card Renewal Due to Discontinuity of Studies

Student Card Renewal: Grounds for Rejection

Spain is one of the most popular countries for foreigners to come and study.  All foreign students who intend to carry out course work for more than six months in Spain must request a student residence permit.  This residence permit is valid for one year after which, the student may apply for a renewal if he meets the conditions and fulfills the requirements.  One of the conditions that causes the biggest problem with renewing  is being able to demonstrate having passed appropriate tests or relevant requisites for continuation of studies.
Foreign students in possession of a student residence card must be aware that their card is linked to the accreditation of studies that they intended on carrying out at the time they requested the student visa.  The student may only study the degree, master or course for which he has been admitted and accredited with a student visa.
However, it is common that after beginning one´s studies in Spain the student decides that he wants to change his degree.  This may result in complications when trying to renew the student residence card.  If we look closely at the last requirement stating, ¨the student must demonstrate having passed appropriate tests or requisites for continuation of studies,¨ it is clear that if the student decides to change his degree, he will not be allowed to continue his studies for which he was issued the residence card to begin with.
There are also complications when the student decides he wants to switch schools or universities.  If we look closely at the back side of the student residence card (NIE), we can see that the name of the study center or university is clearly stated at the top, accrediting where the studies are going to be carried out.  The reason for this is that the law requires the student to continue to meet the conditions of the initial student visa authorization.
If we are going to make any change to our studies, we must closely examine the best procedure to follow because there have been many cases where immigration has rejected a student´s renewal application because the student was unaware of the conditions of the corresponding immigration law.
In any event, if the immigration office has rejected your student residence renewal application, please don´t hesitate to contact us for legal advice at 807502019 (just for procedures in Madrid).
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