Have No Fear! The Answers to Your Student Residence Card Questions are Here!


Do any of the following scenarios apply to your current situation in Spain?

Are you working as an auxiliar de conversación de inglés in a private or public school in Spain? If so, are you looking to continue teaching in a different autonomous community but you don´t know how that will affect your visa situation?

Are you working for either Beda, Ucetam or the Ministerio de Educación and are looking to switch programs and renew your current student residence card but don´t know if you will need to request a new student visa in your home country to do so?

visados schengenAre you wondering if switching from a private to a public organization, or vice versa, will affect your visa situation?

Are you in possession of a student visa allowing you to study at a specific institution but are looking to continue your studies in a different institution?

Are you looking to continue or further your studies in Spain or another European Union country?

Are you looking to change your area of studies when you renew your student residence card?

Are you interested in becoming an au pair but don´t know how to go about getting the proper documentation to do so? Are you thinking about switching from your current auxiliar de inglés teaching position to an au pair position?

Are you looking to modify your student residence card to a residence and work permit?

These are the doubts of many foreign students.  It is important for you to get the correct information regarding each one of them so that you can proceed quickly and efficiently when renewewing or modifying your student residence card.  Please don´t hesitate to contact us to request an appointment with one of our immigation lawyers who have the answers the these questions and moreover, are here to help guide you in the right direction.

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  1. Ronny Salcedo dice:

    I’m looking to modify my student residence for a work permit. What can i do?

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