Exchaging a driving livcence from countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

Exchaging a driving licence from countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway


* To have their place of residence in Spain.

* Not to be below the age set by the spanish legislation.

This is a voluntary procedure and can be requested at any provincial traffic department.


1. APLICATION FORM: official form available at the Jefaturas de Tráfico (Provincial Traffic Departments) and on DGT’s website (www.dgt.es) which includes a declaration stating that the holder has not been disqualified from driving by law, that the person does not hold any other driving licence issued within the EU or EEA of the same category as the one requested or that has been restricted, suspended or revoked and duly completed TALÓN FOTO available at Traffic Departments.

2. FEE II.3 (2015): 27,70 €. Three methods of payment: online www.dgt.es, by bank card at Traffic Departments and by direct debit from a bank account or in cash at financial institutions (model form 791 available at Traffic Departments and on www.dgt.es )

3. PROOF OF IDENTITY AND RESIDENCE: Valid National Identity Document or NIE or passport and any other document requested by the Traffic Headquarters where the exchange application is processed.

4. COMMUNITY DRIVING LICENCE: valid original licence and a photocopy

5. PHOTOGRAPH: an original 32 x 26 mm photograph in colour and taken against a plain background, facing forward without anything covering the head, without sunglasses or tinted glasses or any other item which may prevent or make the identification of the person problematic. Veils may be acceptable in photographs of applicants who, for religious purposes, wear a head covering that obscures their hair, with the only limitation that their full face must be visible from the hairline to the bottom of the chin so as not to prevent or make the identification of the person problematic.


REPRESENTATIVE: If the holder of the driving licence does not present the documents, his/her representative must present his/her official ID card and the authorization of the interested person to be able to complete the procedure, specifying that it is free of charge.

The submission of documentation supporting the registration data (address) and IAE (trade tax) may be replaced by an express authorization so that the Directorate General for Traffic can verify such information by telematic means. For that purpose, the applicant must tick the appropriate box in the application form or fill in the express consent form available at the DGT’s website or at the Traffic Departments. If DGT does not receive valid information, the applicant must submit documentation in order to remedy this situation

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